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The mission

Together with famous musicians from all over the world, who will be the authors of the book’s riddles, we are planning to dedicate a part of funds for UNICEF!!!
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Valerij Shatunov

Project author

About the project author The glowing fantasy book author & initiator Valerij Shatunov is a professional artist and illustrator. The very first painting of this book was created more the 25 ears ago whith a perspective of a future mysterious book. After that, author discovered and changed a lot of techniques, shapes and concepts of his project. The author claims that the project has a lot of advantages, but the most one is a desire to promote the welframe for childrenacross the globe.

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The very new concept of the children book
is in your hands

Glowing in the dark book open new horizons for children and their attitude, let’s them create fantasies, develops imagination while looking for hidden glowing personages, which are like symbols of European culture.

Our goal is to bring the children back into reading in the nowadays world of internet and technologies. Our aim is to unite children from all the sides of world, that s why book will be published in a different language.

The book & the children

The “upside-down” glowing book will regain old traditions - when parents and children read the books before bedtime together! How wonderful to see the child' s enthusiasm and smiles!!!

By plunging into the world of fantasy, the book will help you and your children discover the common interests and become the best friends in the world! The book opens up a completely new, unknown, magic world, from which children will be absolutely enchanted!!! This mysterious book promotes the child's creativity, fantasy and imagination skills. The book helps to distract children from the infinite virtual and digital offers of contemporary life.

The book opens up for children and parents to communicate with the world' s most famous music idols and legends, who are invited as authors of the book riddles ‘texts (Sting, Mylelne Farmer, Patricija Kaas, Kalye Minogue, Bjork, Morten Harket and others...)


World guinness records

We have a huge plan to reach the World Guinness records as “A First in the world Glow-in-the-dark upside down book for children”. All the authors of the book texts will be given a proven certificate.


Because authors of riddles are famous musicians from all over the world, the Glowing Fantasy book is an international project! The aim of this international side is to declare, project and promote the cultural diversity in the world. The book opens the fantasy world of character widely. The book will be written in different language I order to be understandable worldwide.


We invite patrons, sponsors and partners to cooperate in the development of the project related to culture and child education in the modern world. For this purpose, we offer a variety of cooperation and partnership arrangements. We invite you to join and participate in a global unique project.

„Šviečianti tamsoje knyga-apverstukas vaikams GLOWING FANTASY BOOK FOR CHILDREN”!