Painting lessons

On this page you can download a page for coloring and print it on a black & white printer.

You have the opportunity yourself together with a professional artist to colorize the page with a painting video lesson, where you will be shown in detail how to do it and in what order. Also you will be shown how to mix typical standard colors of inks to make the right new colors and shades.

For faster access to each particular lesson we use the QR code. By installing a special application and scanning a QR code you will receive a direct link to the video tutorial for a specific illustration.

On the YouTube settings you can turn off the sound and slow down the video preview speed, also change the image quality.

Please leave your comments and suggestions for improving this page.

“Bear smile - flying fish” & “Cat - Upside down fish kiss”

Painting lesson №3A


Prepare your paints & colour pencils & felt-tip markers.

Print the template. Zoom and press "print" button below.


Sample to preview

Look at the sample for coloring. Click to open full screen.


Press "Play" button below.

Cooming soon

later the fairy tale text will appear here:

“Cat - Upside down fish kiss” & “Bear smile - Upside down flying fish”
Black light & full dark – “Upside down glowing flying fish & Upside down glowing fish kiss”

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